Free Santa Letter Crazy

Wowsers! It has been a Christmas frenzy over here at Mrs K Designs. Every year I offer my lovely customers free letters to download to Santa and from Santa, because it's Christmas, and it adds an extra bit of magic to this time of year.

My letters are completely free to download and I often get people say "why don't you sell them, you could make a fortune?", and yes I probably could, I could print them up real nice on some old school paper, add a ribbon, personalise the envelope etc etc, but I just can't. My moral compass won't let me. We all know that Christmas can be a difficult, and not to mention expensive, time of year. And if we're honest, it's really about the kids (big kids included), and I can't justify charging people for something that should be every child's right... to get in touch with Santa.

So I don't. And this year I've offered to personalise your Letters from Santa too, all free of charge, and it has gone crazy. I've had hundreds of requests and I have to tell you, everytime I create a new letter it bightens up my heart a little bit more to think of the smile on the child's face when they open it.

Right, I really must go and sort my own daughters letters to and from Santa out, because once again I'm behind!

Merry Christmas all xx



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